TI Fluid Systems, Jablonec, Czech Republic – EU grant for Innovation

Společnost patří do skupiny TI Fluid Systems, která patří k předním světovým výrobcům a inovátorům automobilových komponent jako klimatizační vedení, brzdové a palivové systémy, palivové nádrže, palivové pumpy.

Předmětem projektu je zavedení do výroby a následně na trh nové výrobkové zcela nové řady klimatizačních dílů pro osobní automobily – zcela nový produkt pro elektromobily a nový inovovaný klimatizační díl pro osobní automobily s novými parametry.

Projekt „Nové klimatizační ventilové jednotky pro elektromobily a inovovaný systém výroby klimatizačních dílů IHX do osobních automobilů“ je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

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How TI Fluid Systems’ staff have supported Ukraine

The tragic events in Ukraine over the last two months have put everything in life into perspective. Business pales into insignificance at times like these.

Businesses can, however, help to unite people behind a common cause, and provide them with a platform from which to provide assistance. We saw that at times throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and that is exactly what we have seen again in response to the crisis in Ukraine.

At TI Fluid Systems, we are incredibly proud to work with such compassionate teams all over the world. Many of our employees have gone above and beyond to raise money and supplies for displaced Ukrainians. These efforts have taken place throughout the entire company’s network of global locations – it really has been a collaborative approach across the board.

An example of these phenomenal efforts comes from Poznan, where the TI team had a lasting impact on the city’s efforts to send goods to Ukrainian refugees. Volunteering at the Poznan International Fair and at the main railway station in the city, the team put their professional experience to good use, implementing changes to the refugee servicing process. These changes significantly accelerated the process of addressing the needs of those who have had to flee Ukraine.

The impact of the work undertaken by the TI staff was huge; the organisers of these efforts asked the team to train other volunteers to ensure that these standards were maintained. Many members of staff have insisted that, although the work was physically exhausting, it was worthwhile to meet the needs of those affected by the war. In Poznan, the TI team’s commitment has been incredible, and has been recognised by the Charitable Caritas Foundation and the local fire brigade, with both bodies awarding the team with certificates.

This support has extended further, beyond Poznan. In the Czech Republic, our team at Mlada Boleslav has played a crucial role in organising the delivery of essential goods to those in need. The team has also contributed financially to ensure that Ukrainian refugees don’t go without food, water, clothing, and shelter.

At our Jablonec site, our employees have donated money and supplies to the People in Need charity and have bought medical supplies and medicines that are to be shipped to Ukraine. The team have demonstrated their compassion by arranging for Ukrainian members of staff to have access to a meeting room to make free internet calls to their homeland, and by offering the relatives of these individuals employment.

Even further afield, in Telford, England, the team has sent multiple donations of essential items, ranging from medical supplies to baby equipment.

TI staff in Ukraine’s bordering countries have also demonstrated their solidarity with their neighbours, with many offering their homes and spare rooms to displaced Ukrainian people. This goodwill has extended throughout the entire company. So far, TI employees have contributed €33,500 to the Red Cross and to various organisations that have supported Ukrainian relief efforts. The company itself has added an extra €58,500 on top of this, taking our overall donation to €92,000.

We would like to say thank you to every single member of the team at TI Fluid Systems who has helped to support those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. You have done us and yourselves proud.