An ‘Innovation’ Day to Remember

Team members from TI Fluid Systems (TIFS) China recently delivered an Innovation Day at the global headquarters of renowned SUV and pickup manufacturer, Great Wall Motors (GWM). The Innovation Day provided an opportunity for TIFS engineers to showcase our evolving product portfolio and explore how the business can support GWM in the development of its next generation of vehicles.

After a brief company update from the TIFS team and a reminder of our 100-year heritage, we led a number of insightful presentations that looked in detail at our coolant and refrigerant product portfolios. Many of our latest products were put on display in GWM’s exhibition hall, giving attendees an opportunity to get hands-on.

In attendance were GWM’s Vice President, Mr. Zhao, Guoqing (Mark), and Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Wang Yuanli (Julien), PhD, as well as other leading figures from within the company’s purchasing and product development departments. So far, feedback on the event has been positive. The team at GWM were especially impressed with our system integration capability, and expressed interest in our new innovation ITMA, ITMR, and ITMS products.

Several potential opportunities to expand on our work with GWM have arisen as a result of the Innovation Day. For example, our Modules & Systems team has received a request for quotation (RFQ) from GWM for a coolant module, while other opportunities are also being explored. It is fantastic to see our teams reap the rewards from a successful showcase.

We are excited that this is just the first of several Innovation Days this year, with multiple events to be held with a number of different OEMs from all over the world. These Innovation Days are an effective way of bringing customers up to speed on our latest products and technologies in a format that fosters discussion and collaboration, and we look forward to taking part in more as the year goes on.

TI Fluid Systems Expands e-Mobility Innovation Center Network with New Facilities in Japan And South Korea

  • TI Fluid Systems will open new e-Mobility Innovation Centers (eMICs) in Nagoya, Japan and Incheon, South Korea this summer
  • eMICs promote collaboration between the company and its customers to efficiently develop thermal management solutions for electric vehicles
  • The new facilities will follow the successful eMIC blueprint laid out in Rastatt, Germany

AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA (6 June 2023) — TI Fluid Systems (TIFS), a leading global supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, will open two new e-Mobility Innovation Centers (eMICs) in Japan and South Korea this summer.

The new centres, located in Nagoya, Japan and Incheon, South Korea, will fast-track the development of thermal management solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) in Asia, and allow TI Fluid Systems to work more closely with its customers in the region.

Following TI Fluid Systems’ first eMIC, which opened in Rastatt, Germany last year, the new facilities bring together six core competencies: virtual engineering, designing, processing, prototyping, product testing, and vehicle testing. This empowers engineers in the region to design, develop, simulate and visualize thermal management solutions at vehicle, module and component level. Unique to TI Fluid Systems, this enables it to introduce class-leading technology to market much faster than before.

TI Fluid Systems’ new Japan eMIC is strategically located in Nagoya, in close proximity to its customers’ technical centres and the Shinkansen high-speed railway. Set across 1,900m2, the eMIC features a state-of-the-art virtual reality system, 3D printing capabilities and an impressive high-resolution digitalised visualisation.

Strategically located in Incheon, in close proximity to its customers’ technical centers and the international airport, TI Fluid Systems’ new South Korean eMIC is perfectly placed to serve the nation’s automakers. It also features a state-of-the-art virtual reality system, 3D printing capabilities, as well as product and vehicle testing capabilities. Underlining TI Fluid Systems’ commitment to electrification, the South Korean eMIC also features multiple recharging stations.

The opening of the centres in Japan and South Korea continues TI Fluid Systems’ plan to build a global network of eMICs, with further facilities in the Asia Pacific and North America regions set to be announced later this year.

Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO of TI Fluid Systems, said, “The opening of these new facilities in South Korea and Japan represents an important milestone in the development of our e-Mobility Innovation Center network. Vehicle manufacturers in these markets are playing a leading role in defining the next generation of EVs globally. Working more collaboratively to tackle the thermal management challenges they face will have a profound impact on manufacturers’ development rate and vehicle performance.”

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