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Our Heritage

Our story started over a century ago, in 1922, when we began trading as Harry Bundy and Company. Since then, we’ve evolved into a global partner for the world’s leading automakers.











The first e-Mobility Innovation Centre opened in Rastatt, Germany.

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Hans Dieltjens succeeded Bill Kozyra as CEO.

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TI Fluid Systems won the first high-volume BEV thermal program.

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TI Fluid Systems PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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TI Automotive was acquired by funds managed by Bain Capital.

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TI Automotive LTD formed as in independent company in England after emerging from Smiths Group, who purchased TI Group.

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The Bundy Corporation was acquired by TI Group 

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The New York stock exchange listed Bundy common stock on 9 December 1976. 

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Bundy’s tubing and other components were used in more than 5,000 war applications, including oil and gas lines, brake lines and brake lubrication lines for tens of thousands of allied planes, jeeps, tanks, trucks, landing craft and carriers. 

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Originally founded as Harry Bundy and Company in 1922, Harry Warren Bundy established The Bundy Corporation in Detroit, Michigan, USA. First contract from Ford Motor Company for gas lines on the Model T. First production site on Bellevue Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Harry Bundy’s 1922 application for a patent for his new method of tubemaking.

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Our Mission

Greener technologies.
Cleaner vehicles.
A better world.

Our mission is to design, develop and manufacture industry-leading products and technologies that enable our customers to produce greener vehicles for a cleaner environment and a better world. Together with our global OEM customers and suppliers, we deliver a range of award-winning automotive thermal management and fluid systems from 98 manufacturing locations across 28 countries.

Global Reach

We're proud to have locations, teams and operations in 98 locations and 28 countries across 5 continents.

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Europe & Africa

Asia Pacific

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Our Americas operations are spread across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

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In Europe and Africa, we operate out of the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Morocco, and South Africa.

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In the APAC region, we work across China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.


Our team is made up of mobility experts who have spent their careers helping automakers build better, higher-performing vehicles. Meet our executive board.

Portrait of Hans Dieltjens

Hans Dieltjens

CEO and President
TI Fluid Systems

Portrait of Alexander De Bock

Alexander De Bock


Portrait of Domenico Milicia

Domenico Milicia


Portrait of Johannes Helmich

Johannes Helmich

Chief Technology Officer

Portrait of Janis Acosta

Janis Acosta


Portrait of Todd Pontillo

Todd Pontillo


Portrait of Stefan Rau

Stefan Rau

Chief Operating Officer​

Portrait of Steve Vercauteren

Steve Vercauteren


Portrait of Henri Tsang

Henri Tsang

President Asia Pacific

Portrait of Julien Plenchette

Julien Plenchette

President Americas

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