TI Fluid Systems Announces Collaboration with Sanden to Accelerate Next Generation Thermal Refrigerant Modules

  • TI Fluid Systems (TIFS) has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Sanden, a leading supplier of e-compressors, which are complementary to TIFS’s market-leading capabilities in thermal management technologies
  • The two companies will work in partnership as TIFS drives development of its next-generation automotive Thermal Refrigerant Modules
  • “Through this collaboration with Sanden, we will accelerate module innovation and development with a view to drive efficiency and better support our customers. It’s a unique combination of skills in Thermal Management to significantly enhance the transition to electrification”, Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO, TIFS

AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA (12 December 2023) — TI Fluid Systems (LON:TIFS), a leading global supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with automotive thermal management specialist, Sanden.

Through this collaboration, TIFS’s market-leading capabilities in thermal management technologies will be complemented by Sanden’s strengths in refrigerant, especially in e-compressors. The two companies will join forces to accelerate TIFS’s development of next-generation automotive Integrated Thermal Modules, leveraging their combined expertise.

The strategic collaboration will enable TIFS to meet growing market demands for highly efficient thermal management architectures and offer customers a complete solution for Integrated Thermal Modules.

Sanden, known for its innovative and quality-focused approach, is a strong fit and well-suited to work in collaboration with TIFS to bring next-generation Thermal Refrigerant Modules to the market. With 40 years as an innovator in automotive technology and operations in 23 countries, Sanden complements TIFS’ own global footprint and 101-year legacy at the forefront of automotive supply.

Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO of TIFS, commented, “Through this collaboration with Sanden, we will accelerate module innovation and development in order to fully support our customers with their transition to electrification. Our agreement with Sanden is grounded in a shared commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. The alignment of our product portfolios and manufacturing expertise creates strong synergies and a solid foundation to support our customers with innovative thermal management solutions for electrified vehicles.”

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