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TI Fluid Systems and our suppliers work together to deliver best-in-class value to our customers and strive for continuous improvement and transparent communications. This Supplier Resource Center introduces you to our purchasing leadership team and shares key information such as our Global Supplier Requirements Manual, terms and conditions, policies, and directions for prospective suppliers.

TI Fluid Systems digitalizes the management of their supply chain worldwide with SupplyOn.

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Global Quality Policy

Sustainable Purchases Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Human Rights Policy

Environmental Policy

Code of Business Conduct

Production Terms and Conditions

The Global Production Terms and Conditions apply to all Suppliers to TI Automotive Group companies. However, when the TI Automotive Group company issuing the Purchase Order is located in one of the following specific countries (China, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Thailand), the Production Terms and Conditions for that specific country will apply to that Supplier.

TI Fluid Systems Policies are available upon request. To request a policy, please contact TIPolicies@us.tiauto.com.

Capital Equipment Terms and Conditions

Capital Equipment Purchasing Terms and Conditions – Czech

Capital Equipment Purchasing Terms and Conditions – German

Capital Equipment Purchasing Terms and Conditions – Polish

Capital Equipment Purchasing Terms and Conditions – Chinese

Capital Equipment Purchasing Terms and Conditions – Spanish

Capital Equipment Purchasing Terms and Conditions – English

Non-Production Terms and Conditions


Purchasing Forms and Requirements

Global Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

S-R-F Signage

General Requirements for Injection Molded Parts

Global Thermal Products Cleanliness Awareness Training

Minimum Data Elements Annex 5-A

Certificate of Origin USMCA

Supplier Safety, Regulatory and Functional Mandatory Requirements

Trade Data Requirements

U.S. Importing Requirements

Supplier General Information Survey

SRF Concern Executive Summary

Global Supplier Requirements Manual

Production Part Approval Process Forms

PPAP Submission, Review and Approval Workbook

PPAP Submission Review and Approval


  • Supplier Request for Change Approval (SRCA)
  • Dimensional Report
  • Performance Report DVP
  • Performance Report PVP
  • Material Report
  • Special Characteristics Result
  • Logistic Agreement
  • Run @ Rate Template
  • TI Fluid Systems Part Submission Warrant
  • PPAP Deviation Request

Quality Procedures

Supplier Escalation Procedure

Supplier Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Checklist

Supplier Concern Management Procedure

Supplier Change Management Procedure

Supplier Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Procedure

Conflict Minerals

TI Fluid Systems Conflict Minerals Guidelines

TI Fluid Systems CMRT

Requirements for Record Retention










Hong Kong




Czech Republic








Record Retention Policy

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved May 2024)

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved May 2023)

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved May 2022)

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved May 2021)

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved May 2020)

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved May 2019)

Modern Slavery Statement (Approved December 2018)

TI Fluid Systems Policies are available upon request. To request a policy, please contact TIPolicies@us.tiauto.com.

Contacting TI Fluid Systems

We thank you for visiting our site. If you are currently not a supplier to TI Fluid Systems and would like to start the qualification process to become a supplier to TI Fluid Systems, we require all our potential future suppliers to complete the application at the following link. The link will take you to our Supplier Portal (SupplyOn).

After correctly completing the application form, our purchasing team will be informed of your application and will provide you with further guidelines to continue the qualification process. Please note, incomplete and/or incorrect applications will not be processed.

If your company is not DUNS registered, apply for a DUNS here

Application form

TIFS Supplier Support Services

The information provided on this webpage does not constitute any legal or tax advice. The material is provided for informational purposes only and TI Fluid Systems accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of accessing the material on this webpage.

EU Support

The European Commission has published information on approved state aid packages per member country.

Additionally, you may find a country by country guide provided by Clifford Chance useful.


USA Support

The recently passed CARES Act may provide avenues of financial support and relief.

We will get through this together. Stay safe and healthy.