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We are TI Fluid Systems: the industry leader in thermal solutions and fluid systems for vehicle manufacturers across the world.

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TI Fluid Systems designs and manufactures thermal management and fluid handling systems that improve efficiency, performance and sustainability for forward-thinking organisations worldwide.

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Working across fluid carrying systems and thermal technologies to provide complete fluid solutions, we design and manufacture high-quality, high-efficiency products for automakers producing the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

  • Air Separator

    Air Separator

    The Coolant Air Separator removes air / vapour bubbles out of the coolant loop which ensures proper system function, optimum heat transfer and overall system efficiency.

  • Rubber Aluminum Refrigerant Line

    Rubber Aluminum Refrigerant Line

    The traditional aluminum rubber refrigerant lines combine rigid aluminum tubes with flexible rubber hose sections and connect the refrigerant loop key components such as Compressor, ambient Heat Exchanger, Valves, internal Heat Exchanger and the Accumulator.

  • High Pressure Fuel Delivery Module System

    High Pressure Fuel Delivery Module System

    Modular Fuel Delivery System for Global Multi-Fuel Applications featuring easy to mold components and simplified product assembly. Product accommodates the entire range of TI Fluid System DC and BLDC Fuel Pumps. Options for flange integrated BLDC Control.

  • ITMA 1.4

    ITMA 1.4

    The ITMA 1.4 combines all mandated coolant distribution functions into one compact module. Maximized content on coolant management.

  • ITMR 1.4

    ITMR 1.4

    The ITMR 1.4 incorporates the key traditional separated refrigerant flow control functions with features for highly efficient pressure and flow management within a compact module. Functional parts such as Compressor, Valves, Heat Exchanger and Accumulator-IHX, for refrigerant conditioning and storage, are fully integrated to provide a Plug’n Play module.

  • eCMP


    The heat pump system made out of Aluminum tube and Multilayer hose transport R1234yf refrigerant in gas or liquid form. The system is used to cool the driver cabin in summer or heat up in winter times with low energy consumption for EV.

  • R1234YF


    The Accumulator for R1234yf refrigerant combines the medium storage as well as gas / liquid separation including moisture extraction to protect the e-Compressor against liquid stroke.

  • ITMR 1.2

    ITMR 1.2

    The ITMR 1.2 valve block unit combines single valves, traditionally separated within a refrigerant loop, into one single compact and modular valve unit to achieve overall increased efficiency, less bill of material and connections and reduces the refrigerant mass needed within the loop.

  • ITMR 1.3

    ITMR 1.3

    The MEB31 Valve Unit 2.0 is TIFS weight and cost optimized evolution of the current serial production Valve Unit. It includes the TIFS patented Tube Nut Joint, a metal to metal leak tight connection type, the TIFS R744 Accumulator-IHX for optimized system performance and a plastic bracket.

  • VDA QC

    VDA QC

    A VDA QC connects a Coolant Assembly with inserted rubber or Multilayer tube in quick way to an interface like Pump or Chiller in a quick way with option to open for service reason.

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Sustainable Fluid Solutions

We have always developed products with increased efficiency and lower emissions in mind. Now, we’re leading the shift to electrification with tailored solutions that enable our customers to lower their impact further without sacrificing quality.


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