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We are TI Fluid Systems: the industry leader in thermal solutions and fluid systems for vehicle manufacturers across the world.

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TI Fluid Systems designs and manufactures thermal management and fluid handling systems that improve efficiency, performance and sustainability for forward-thinking organisations worldwide.

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Working across fluid carrying systems and thermal technologies to provide complete fluid solutions, we design and manufacture high-quality, high-efficiency products for automakers producing the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

  • ITMR 1.3

    ITMR 1.3

    The ITMR 1.3 incorporates traditional separated refrigerant flow control functions with high efficient pressure and flow management features within a compact module. Valves, sensors, heat exchanger and the Accumulator-IHX are fully integrated to provide a Plug n’ Play module.

  • ITMA 1.2

    ITMA 1.2

    The ITMA 1.2 combines traditional coolant flow with mechatronics to achieve high resolution coolant flow control. It integrates components such as electric coolant pumps, sensors and valves to provide the end customer a Plug n’ Play module.

  • TPRL


    TPRL is a breakthrough innovative technology for suction and liquid line applications in vehicle refrigerant systems, offering up to 60% weight reduction. The smart combination of plastic materials replaces traditional metal and rubber tubes with optimal resistance and compatibility to refrigerant & environmental exposures.

  • ITMR 1.1

    ITMR 1.1

    Offering the most efficient refrigerator performance with a heat exchange feature, the ITMR 1.1 Accumulator-IHX combines traditional refrigerant storage and conditioning functions with gas / liquid separation and moisture extraction.

  • ITMA 1.0

    ITMA 1.0

    The ITMA 1.0 is a blow-moulded compact module, representing our next step into vertical integration. We designed it to consolidate multiple coolant lines into one compact, efficient unit that meets even the highest customer demands.

  • ITMS


    ITMS is a thermal management sub-system combining refrigerant and coolant into a compact autonomous module. Merging the ITMA 1.3 and ITMR 1.3 modules allows for maximised flow control and distribution functions through fully integrated key functional components.

  • ITMA 1.4

    ITMA 1.4

    The ITMA 1.4 combines all mandated coolant distribution functions into one compact module, with maximised functional coolant management content and up to 30% weight reduction.

  • IBFD


    The IBFD is a blow-moulded compact module specifically for inner battery coolant distribution. It eliminates the need for multiple single coolant lines, combining them into one compact and highly efficient unit on highest customer demands, within limited battery inner space.

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Sustainable Fluid Solutions

We have always developed products with increased efficiency and lower emissions in mind. Now, we’re leading the shift to electrification with tailored solutions that enable our customers to lower their impact further without sacrificing quality.


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