Product Safety

Our product safety processes ensure our products are consistently reliable and comply with all applicable customer, industry, legal and government regulatory requirements. The majority of our manufacturing locations are also IATF 19649 certified.


Certified product safety and conformance representatives


SRF audits conducted


Updated product and process standards

Our Customer Safety or Critical Concern Process (CSCC) provides clear direction for concerns that could be classified as safety or critical in nature and that could impact the performance of saleable products.

To keep product safety a top priority, we provide continuous training to staff, from initial induction processes to annual roadshow events.

In the event that we come across a performance concern, internally or externally, our teams initiate the CSCC process – triggering a structured approach to analyse, classify and communicate the issue. Potential critical or safety concerns are automatically logged, escalated and monitored via our portal by senior staff members working with team members on appropriate resolutions of the issue.

We use what we learn from each safety or critical concern event to drive product and process improvements across the organisation.

For example, corrective actions are cascaded across similar products and manufacturing lines to prevent future issues with product guidelines updated for reference during advanced product quality planning (APQP) team design reviews.

We also conduct regular, on-site Safety, Regulatory and Functional (SRF) audits to verify that production practices are as safe and responsible as possible.