Data Privacy and Security



Our work in this area focuses on data governance practices, including how we collect, use, manage and protect data. The emphasis is on measures taken to ensure safe and secure use and/or maintenance of customers’ personally identifiable data.

We’re committed to safeguarding the privacy of our stakeholders and have established a robust data protection policy to ensure we are fully compliant with applicable laws.


Sitting alongside our information security policy and record retention policies is our privacy policy, which details standard data protection principles, responsibilities and expectations regarding the handling of the personal data of our employees for legitimate business purposes as required by law or with individual consent.




We deliver regular training to ensure everyone is equipped to process personal data, as well as an annual acknowledgement of employees confirming their ongoing commitment to the policy. The policy is available on our intranet, at our facilities, and on our website.


We also have a dedicated email ( for any queries, requests and reporting of potential and actual data breaches, which allows us to effectively manage queries and carry out any investigations.



We carry out audits locally throughout Europe to ensure adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We record the categories of personal data and purpose of processing it, and have technical and organisational security measures in place to safeguard this sensitive information.



As well as safeguarding all stakeholder data, we have measures in place to make sure that relevant third-party service providers are also honouring regulations through data processing agreements.

We will continue to closely monitor developments in the privacy landscape and update our data protection policy as needed.