Environmental Management System

The EHS corporate team works closely with the senior executive team to develop and implement standardised management systems to reduce risks to our people, environment, and property. We have a network of local EHS plant personnel across the world that we meet with regularly to discuss relevant issues and best practices to ensure we’re improving the management of EHS risks and opportunities at all locations.

Data-driven Environmental Strategies

This same group has been instrumental in collecting data to provide insights into our waste generation, water consumption and greenhouse gas production. We’re using this as a baseline from which to shape our future sustainability goals and ESG-related programmes.

ISO 14001

Our ISO 14001 environmental management system enables us to comply with all regional environmental standards, as well as offering transparency across the business. To support this work, we hold an annual conference in each region to address environmental and health and safety issues.

Lowering Water Waste

Explore how our new technologies have resulted in a zero solid waste and near zero wastewater process at our facility in Marysville, Michigan.