Product and Services

How we’re managing our energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of our products and services during their use phases.



Responsible consumption and production

Lowering our impact on the environment and energy usage


Climate action

We’re committed to doing business sustainably and responsibly

Our impact

Our products help reduce exhaust and evaporative emissions, as well as reduce the weight of material in the vehicle. Reducing weight directly affects the fuel efficiency for internal combustion engine-powered cars and allows electric vehicles to go further on a charge.

1.3bn €

2022 BEV products lifetime revenue


of BEVs for nameplates launched during 2021

Reduction in energy requirements of products and services

We’ve been awarded the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark in recognition of the positive environmental impact our product technologies have. We’re proud to support the green economy, delivering safety-critical technology to make vehicles better for the environment.

These products include lightweight pressure-resistant fuel tanks, lightweight plastic lines and connectors for coolant and refrigerants. We also manufacture high-pressure fuel rails that optimise internal combustion engines and increase fuel efficiency.