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Responsible consumption and production

Lowering our impact on the environment and energy usage


Climate action

We’re committed to doing business sustainably and responsibly


Award winning technologies and products aligned with green trends of hybrid and battery electric vehicles


We’re committed to sustainability by developing advanced products for:

Internal Combustion

Hybrid Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicles

Our Products

As the automotive industry seeks to address climate change by transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), we’re using our expertise to develop and supply our customers with fluid handling products specifically designed to meet the requirements of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Our fuel tanks, pumps and modules improve fuel system performance and have been specifically engineered to reduce evaporative emissions. These systems are also low weight, which contributes to better gas mileage and reduces overall fuel consumption.


We’re proud to offer energy-conserving and emission-cutting products that help to create a cleaner world, including:


Lightweight Pressure Resistant Fuel Tanks

Our proprietary design and manufacturing process for tank pressure resistance means OEMs can reach partial zero evaporative emissions, and for hybrid applications, retain the pressure build up of fuel vapour when the vehicle is in hybrid electric mode and the engine is shut off.

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Lightweight Plastic Lines and Connectors

For coolant and refrigerant thermal assemblies and systems enabling OEMs to lower their vehicle weight lowering vehicle carbon emissions and increasing range efficiency across all propulsion systems.

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Integrated Heat Pump Assembly

Refrigerant and CO2 based heat pump assemblies for Electrified vehicles enabling an energy efficient and range extending solution for battery and hybrid electric vehicles.

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