Over the years, we have found that improved connectivity between members of staff and senior executives has had a profound impact on the synergy within the team. This has certainly been the case with the Women’s Empowerment Network, which was established to help foster closer relationships between women who work at TI Fluid Systems on all levels through networking, mentoring, and knowledge sharing.

The network has several key objectives. Firstly, it seeks to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment for the personal and professional growth of our female employees, whereby their standing in the business is considered solely on the basis of their abilities and aptitudes, and not their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin. The network has also been regarded as a catalyst in encouraging and creating opportunities for open communication, with members implored to speak with others within the network. To aid with this, the members have been provided with a network of contacts that they can call upon. These contacts offer more than just a social purpose, offering advice and opportunities, accelerating professional development and for social connections.

With members in the United States, China, Japan and areas of Latin America, the network has groups all over the world. Recently, members of the United States group met at our corporate office in Auburn Hills, and for many, this was an opportunity to introduce themselves to others within the team. Female directors and executives were on-hand to discuss why the network was so important to them, before those in attendance were split into small groups to take part in some team building activities. The event was received extremely well by those in attendance, with many pleased to have met more women within the team and having more support at work as a result.

Opportunity is what TI Fluid Systems offers. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive workplace culture where diversity is valued, and diversity of experiences is appreciated.

Over our 100-year journey so far, we have recognised that our strength as a global automotive supplier is directly tied to the talent and diversity of our staff, management and Board leadership. Our current workforce consists of over 25,000 people worldwide, and while there are currently more men employed at TI Fluid Systems than women, we are proud that the gender split at the company is shrinking. Going forward, we will continue to strive to create a safe and inclusive workplace culture for all of our team.

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