Many congratulations to the San Luis Potosí, Fuldabrück and Global Engineering teams for completing the installation of a new Multi-Layer Extrusion Line at our San Luis Potosí, Mexico plant.

The project began in Q1 last year, so its completion in May this year has been a long time in the making. The new machine will support production of fuel and coolant lines, giving us the capability to produce these products locally in Mexico. The machine is truly state of the art and will be able to produce up to six different layers of plastic.

Not only is this an important milestone in our localization initiative, it will also give the business a competitive advantage in the future, as Stefan Rau, Executive Vice President FCS, explains:

“The completion of this project is very important in the execution of our strategy. Thank you to everyone involved for all of your hard work. Next, we are to install a corrugated tube line in SLP, with the project set to finish next year.

“After this installation, we will add one high speed MLT line so that we can stop MLT production in Marysville. Having the MLT capacity and capabilities in Mexico, where we have the majority of our plastic system plant business, is absolutely essential, and we are making great strides towards our goal.”

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