Harry Bundy’s story is one of courage and innovation. For it was courage and innovation that enabled one ambitious man from a small town in Minnesota to put himself on a path to founding a global success story.

Even in the formative years of his career, Harry was driven by a desire to innovate. Working at Diamond Manufacturing and Detroit Steel Products as a young engineer, he saw many of his contemporaries break the mould with their own creations. This helped to fuel and inspire Harry, who harbored big dreams of his own.

Later, in his time at Detroit Steel Products, Harry began to put his experience to the test and develop a creation of his own. His goal? To make a machine that could produce fluid tubing from flat sheet steel for automobile gas and oil lines.

Whilst the tubes Harry Bundy created might seem basic to a modern engineer, he was ahead of his time and his creation was perfect. Perfect in the sense that it couldn’t be improved upon for a long, long time. These tubes could withstand extremely high pressure and high temperatures, as well as bending and vibration. This product has stood the test of time; the tubes have remained virtually unchanged since their creation.

Whilst the product itself is arguably Harry Bundy’s crowning accomplishment, his formation of The Harry Bundy Company – which would one day become TI Fluid Systems – is his legacy. Just like its founder, Harry’s company has constantly looked towards what comes next, right from day one.

From its humble beginnings as a small shop to its current position as a leading global supplier to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, none of what has been achieved over the last 100 years would have taken place without the courage and ingenuity of Harry Bundy.

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