Image of ITMR 1.3

ITMR 1.3

Integrated Thermal Module Refrigerant


The ITMR 1.3 incorporates traditional separated refrigerant (R744) flow control functions with features for highly efficient pressure and flow management within a compact module. Functional parts, such as Valves, Sensors, Heat Exchanger and the Accumulator-IHX, for refrigerant conditioning and storage, are fully integrated to provide a Plug’n Play module.

Field of Application

Thermal Management – Refrigerant

Vehicle Architecture


Key Facts


  • Maximized functional content
  • Autonomous refrigerant module
  • Highest efficiency
  • Significant weight reduction

Cost Savings

  • Plug n’ Play vehicle installation
  • One part number to minimize administration
  • Modular kit enables full scalability
  • Modular kit as best cost solution


  • Reduced refrigerant mass
  • Reduction of overall rubber material
  • Serviceability

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