Finance Manager - Small

Montornes del Valles

Finance Manager - Small

Montornes del Valles Spain

Alternate Title: 1st Line Internal Controls Manager


Position Summary:

Oversees all financial activities and administrative and control processes for the Division. Provide leadership and helps to drive the business.

Responsibilities of Position:

1. Develops and implements administrative procedures for the plant in order to guarantee the quality and timeliness of the reporting and meeting local and corporate regulations.

2. Develops plans, budgets, forecasts, financial results and other reports to guide management decisions.

3. Prepares capital and operating plans and evaluates the results of the operation.

4. Establishes and maintains effective channels of communication upward, downward and laterally.

5. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

6. Performs related duties and special projects as assigned.

Skill Requirements:

1. Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

2. Knowledgeable with a variety of finance concepts, practices and procedures.

3. Strong analytical abilities.

4. Self-directed with a high degree of self- motivation.

5. Proficient computer skills, acquainted with ERP usage and abilities with Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc).

Experience Requirements:

1. Experience in financial management in an operational environment.

Licensing or Special Certification Requirements:

1. Valid passport and driver's license.

Physical Requirements:

1. Ability to work at a personal computer, or be on manufacturing floors, for extended periods of time.

2. Ability to travel (domestic and international).

Working Conditions:

1. Occasionally lifts and carries up to 15 pounds.

2. Some of work time is spent standing, walking, lifting and bending.

3. Works within an automotive components manufacturing office setting and may be exposed to heat, cold and fumes/chemicals.

Job Location Specific Requirements:

Position Summary:This position is within the Operations Finance organization and will be involved with Internal Controls activitiesthat are performed at the 1st Line level: support Internal Controls work plan, along with meeting the companyAudit and Assurance Policy (AAP), Compliance and Internal Controls standards within the Region.Responsibilities of Position / Key Tasks:1. Global Controls Framework (GCF)a) Support 2nd Line and take active part in maintenance, development and updating of control standards,preparation work, and development and delivery of training and guidance to control owners.b) Support 2nd Line and take active part in validation and readiness checks following roll-out of new controlstandards:? Perform checks in line with defined methodology to ensure GCF standards have been properlyimplemented? Identify and agree findings and remediation actions, log and monitor actions against deadlines.? Issue and track self-certifications. Review and address negative responses.c) Monitor, assess and address impacts of changes in the business to controlsd) Support transformational workstream efforts on Controls standardization, centralization andautomation and in the context of new IT systems implementation.e) Provide ad hoc support as needed2. Internal Controls assuranceReview, audit, test Controls and Control practices across sites and Regional/Central activities.a) Monitor/support compliance weaknesses, Controls deficiencies and Audit findings remediation.b) Assist with annual Controls testing plan including Control practices reviews, in line with the annualInternal Controls Assurance Plan and methodology determined at Group level.c) Perform Controls testing activities as per annual plan.d) Upload to HighBond the Control deficiencies detected from the various testing activities: selfassessment,BS Reviews and 1st Line Controls testing.e) Organize monthly reviews of open Control deficiencies and Audit findings with Control owners:? Focus on avoiding/limiting overdue deficiencies in general and more particularly on Audit findings? Provide guidance and support to overcome difficulties? Aim at ensuring the sustainability of remediationf) Monitor/follow-up remediation actions managed by sites deficiencies owners, support remediation asneeded.3. Balance Sheet ReviewsPerform Balance Sheet Reviews as per annual plan. Each year the plan determines the reviews to beperformed on site (travel required) and the desktop reviews to be performed remotely.a) Hold a review with local finance management prior to finalizing the summary reportb) Issue the summary report (PowerPoint), the detailed review findings (Excel) and the requiredimprovements action plan (Excel) to the local FM, the Regional FD and the 1st Line Internal ControlsDirector within a week after the BS Review is completed.c) Organize and lead the review with the Divisional Global FD, the Regional FD and the 1st Line InternalControls Director within two weeks after the BS Review is completed.d) Train, refresh awareness of sites relative to Accounts Reconciliation standards and good practices.P a g e 2 | 34. Support Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities.5. Month Enda) For non-quarter-end months, monitor timely submission by the sites of the Quarterly Financial Reviewreports (only tabs 3a, 5a, 6 & 7).b) Complete the Quarterly Financial Review report at Regional level and submit as per month-endtimetable:? Monthly: complete tabs 3a, 5a, 6 & 7.? Quarterly: complete tabs 2, 3, 4 and 5 with balance sheet variances explanations and comments.6. Training/Supporta) Organize individual or collective trainings and refresh trainings on Compliance, Internal Controls,Policies & Procedures when and where needed.b) Organize specific individual support to sites or Central activities regarding identified Compliance orInternal Controls weaknesses and insufficient awareness on Policies & Procedures.c) Assist with developing, improving & implementing Divisional/Regional or Company Policies &Procedures.d) Assist with identifying required new IT systems functionalities to support Internal Controls (includingERP) and support new systems / automated Controls implementation.e) Help identifying and share efficiency opportunities and best practices across sites within the Region.f) Share relevant findings (risks, improvement opportunities, best practices) with other Regions and withthe 2nd Line team.g) Identify and manage standardization opportunities.h) Support roll-out of standard processes and new or revised policies & procedures.i) Support impact assessment & formulation of management responses to audit/testing findings.j) Keep awareness of key developments in Internal Controls and ERM standards and complete relevanttrainings on a timely basis.7. CoordinationCoordination within the Region, with other Regions, with the Divisions and with 2nd and 3rd Lines of defence(Group Internal Controls and Internal Audit, respectively)Skills Requirements:1. Knowledgeable with accounting principles and finance concepts, practices and procedures.2. IFRS understanding.3. Ability to adapt to changing business needs and perform tasks given tight deadlines.4. Strong planning skills, analytical skills and organizational skills. Self-directed with a high degree of selfmotivationand attention to detail.5. Proficient computer skills and abilities with Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio,Word, etc).6. Fluent in English, written and verbal.7. Excellent written and verbal communications skills.8. SOX/Internal Controls knowledge and experience is beneficial.9. Process mapping, risk management and stakeholder management/influencing skills is beneficial.10. System implementation experience is beneficial.11. BPCS and OneStream experience is beneficial.Experience Requirements:1. > 5 years of experience in related field (Plant Controller and/or Financial/Internal Auditor).Licensing or other Specific Requirements including Certification:1. Valid driver’s license.2. Valid passport.P a g e 3 | 3Physical Requirements:1. Regular and predictable attendance.2. Ability to work at a personal computer for extended periods of time.3. Nothing that would prohibit overnight or extended travel4. Ability to travel (including air travel and long automobile trips)Working Conditions:1. Ability to travel up to 2 weeks per month.2. Works at telephone and at a PC.3. Ability to work from home if required4. Flex-office work: 3 days work in the office, 2 days work from home, except when travelling to other sites.5. Occasionally lifts and carries up to 10 pounds.6. Works within an automotive components manufacturing office setting and may be exposed to heat, coldand fumes/chemicals.Education:1. Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Accounting or Finance and possibly CPA.Employment Category:1. Staff.This is not an exhaustive list of tasks, and the post holder may be required to complete other ad hoc work asrequired by Management.Although this position is solid line to the Regional Finance Director, the work direction and day to daymanagement comes from the 1st Line Internal Controls Director.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree
  • Master will be valued

EEO Statement:

TI Fluid Systems is committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, pregnancy status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.

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